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Laptop Purchase Information
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Chromebook vs Netbook vs Laptop
What are the Differences?

If you are in the market for a new computer this first thing you should consider is what will you be using it for and what is your budget.



A Chromebook is a type of laptop that uses the Google Chrome OS. The primary design of this machine is to be connected to the internet at all times. If you are outside of Wi-Fi, many of the apps you are relying on will not work. Most of the work you will be doing on this type of machine will be cloud based, meaning that the work is stored on a Google server rather than locally on the hard drive.
A Chromebook is a very affordable option, but with that savings, your expectation must change as this will not have the features of a full laptop. The main difference will be lack of hard drive storage and you will not have a full Windows operating system. A Chromebook is ideal for a person who does all their work online and saves it in the cloud. They would also be comfortable working with Google apps such as Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive.
A typical Chromebook price can be from $150-$500


A netbook is a stripped down version of a full laptop. It will usually have a 32-bit Windows operating system, with 2GB of ram or less. Full service applications and programs will not run well on these specs. The hard drive will be very small, typically 32 to 64 GB. As a result, your hard drive will fill up very quickly if you install applications and store pictures and videos on it. The primary purpose of a netbook is affordability, portability and battery life. The netbook will not have a dvd player and the screen size will be smaller than a laptop.
A typical netbook price can be from $200-$500


If you are looking for a computer with most of the features of a full desktop computer, then you will want to consider a laptop. A laptop can have a robust storage system, dedicated graphics card, dvd drive, additional expansion bays and a larger monitor. It will come with a full 64-bit version of windows with at least 4GB of ram typically. If you want a portable version of your home PC this is what you should consider.
A typical laptop price can be from $400-$1000+

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