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How to Use OneDrive Cloud Storage
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How to Use OneDrive Cloud Storage 

Applies to: Employees and Students that would like to take advantage of the cloud storage and syncing application of OneDrive.

Introduction: OneDrive is a place where you can store, sync, and share files.  As part of Office 365, OneDrive lets you update and share your files from anywhere and work on Office documents with others at the same time.


The first stage in the process is to go to the

Click on the Sign In button

Sign in with your EMCC email login.

Onced logged in you can access files and edit them directly from the web version. If you like you also have the ability to download the application if not already installed and have items synced automatically to your computer.

In the bottom left corner you should see a link that says Get the OneDrive Apps

Click that and it will bring you to the following page
This is what your OneDrive Cloud will look like.


Click on the Download button. This will download the Onedrive App and again you can repeat the sign in process and you are able to then access the files by going to the file explorer in windows as in the picture below:

There will also be an icon in the lower right hand taskbar as well. This looks like the blue cloud below:

Clicking on that will let you see the sync activity of files and be able to open your folder/browser to the online version.

 If you are running Windows 10 then it is likely you already have One Drive Installed

Click on the Start Button and start typing OneDrive

Open OneDrive. If this is your first time it will have you sign in. Now you are synced and should not have to sign in again.

Conclusion: Onedrive is a great way to share and sync files from machine to machine. It also allows for critical files to be syncronized to the web to ensure they are accessible in the event of a machine failure. Due to this it is recommended that Onedrive be used for certain documents.

Additional resources: - this is a good guide on using One Drive

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