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Protecting Zoom Meetings From Zoombombing
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Protecting Zoom Meetings From Zoombombing

Applies to: Employess who use Zoom for meetings and instruction


Not familiar with Zoombombing? 

This is when a malicious actor takes advantage of Zoom’s easy to connect and use behavior.  They obtain your Zoom meeting ID (and password, if set) and connect to your meeting with the intent of effectively shutting it down.  They use obscene behavior and share material with the meeting participants including graphic pornography, etc.


How can this happen? 

If you have not shared your Zoom meeting information in a public forum (we do not recommend you do this!), then Zoombombing is generally the result of a meeting participant soliciting someone else to pull this “prank”.  There are online forums setup specifically for people to request other anonymous actors perform these pranks.  This is exactly what happened at SMCC.  Someone with access to the Zoom meeting details (most likely a student in the class) posted a request on Reddit (a popular online forum) with the Zoom meeting ID, password and specific date and time for the disruptive incident to occur for the purpose of ending class early.  In this incident, please note that Zoom was not “hacked”, and the meeting details were not inadvertently published.


How can I protect my meetings from this attack?

The following precautions are recommended:

1)      Do not publish the meeting ID in a public forum.

2)      Zoom meeting hosts should know how to use the following meeting controls (If you are not familiar with these, you should test them out before your class!):

a.       Mute meeting participants

b.       Disable video for meeting participants

c.       Remove a participant from a meeting

d.       Allow (and disallow) meeting participants from sharing content.

                                                                                                   i.      Note:  the default is now to disallow meeting participants from sharing, in response to these types of incidents.

3)      An alternative to Zoom is Microsoft Teams, which can perform the same types of meetings, and much more.  Teams requires users to authenticate, which means anonymous users are unable to “crash” the meeting.

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