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Student and Employee installation of Microsoft Office onto personal devices
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Student installation of Microsoft Office onto their computers 


Applies to: Freely available to all students who are actively taking classes at EMCC and employees of EMCC. 

Note: This is for Windows PC and Apple Mac OS computers.  ChromeBooks, tablets and phones should download the Office applications from their respective Application Store. 


If you wish to download and install Microsoft Office, please make sure you have good internet bandwidth and 3-4GB of free space on your hard drive before installing.  If you have an older version of Microsoft Office on your PC, please remove it first by going to your “Control panel” (In Windows, type Control Panel in the search box.)  Click on “Uninstall a program” under “Programs”.  Find the old “Microsoft Office” in the list and choose to “Uninstall” it. 

To install Microsoft Office, go to and Sign In with your EMCC account e-mail address (for students, this is and with your current EMCC account password 

After signing in, you will then see: 


Click on “Install Office”.  

Select Office 365 Apps from the list. 


This will start the process of downloading Microsoft Office.  This may take 30 minutes or more to complete, depending on your Internet connection.  



When the download is complete, run the executable shown here in the lower left by double-clicking on it.

After Microsoft Office is installed, you will have to authenticate by entering your EMCC account e-mail address and then your password.   


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