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Student installation of Microsoft Office onto their computers
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Student installation of Microsoft Office onto their computers 


Applies to: This is Free and available to students who are actively taking classes at EMCC. 

Note: This is for PC’s and Mac’s, not Chrome books or tablets. If you have a chrome book or tablet, you are going to experience limitations, but you may try using the online option of Microsoft Office at , where by you choose to “Sign In” with your student e-mail, and with the password that you have set on your “MyEMCC” portal.  


Method: Now, if you wish to download and install Microsoft Office, please make sure you have good internet bandwidth and 3-4GB of space on your HD before installing. And if you have an old none working version of Microsoft Office on your PC, please uninstall it first by going to your “Control panel” (you can type Control Panel in your windows search field in the lower left of your screen) click enter. Then click on “Uninstall a program” on the lower left just under “Programs”. Then all you have to do is scroll down, click on the old “Microsoft Office” and choose to “Uninstall” it. 

Now then, to install your new Microsoft Office, you first, go to and “Sign In” with your student e-mail, and with the password that you have set on your “MyEMCC” portal. (Looks Failure doesn’t it).  


After you sign in you will then see: 


Please click on the “Install Office” button that I have put a red box around. You will then see: 

 Please click on the “Office 365 aps” Button in Grey that I have put a red box around. This will start the process on downloading Microsoft Office and may take up to 30 or less minutes.  




When the download is done, please run the executable shown here in the lower left with a red box around it. (Please note, that the Chrome browser was used in this example, but any browser should work and deposit the executable in your “Downloads” folder in case you are looking for it.  

Please run the executable “aka, double click it” and let it do its thing. 

After Microsoft Office is installed you will have to authenticate it at least once. To do so, please make sure you have internet working and then try opening Microsoft Word. You should be asked to Authenticate in one form or another, but to do so you will need to enter your student e-mail address and then your MyEMCC portal password. And that should do it.  


However, if Microsoft word just opens up without asking to authenticate, it may have used your computers local information to finish the installing process. You will want to check this and make sure it reflects your EMCC student information.  

To do this:  

Open Word and click on “File” in the upper left. 



Then Click on “Account” shown with Red square around it. 


Choose to sign out if it does not show your name and your Student  

E-mail address. Then sign back in with your full student E-mail address and your MyEMCC portal password. And that should do it.  



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