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How to set up E-mail for EMCC Outlook on your Android Phone:
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How to set up E-mail for EMCC Outlook on your Android Phone:

Applies to: Any Staff, Faculty, & Adjuncts that wish to set up Microsoft Outlook E-mail for EMCC upon their Android phones.


1. Click on the “play store” icon to go to “Google Play store”.

2. Do a search for “Microsoft Outlook” and install the Microsoft Outlook app.

3. Once installed, click the Green button that says, “Open”

4. Click on the Blue button that says, “Get Started”

5. If is says or shows anything about “Google Connect Account”, choose “Skip” down on the bottom right.

6. Now, where it says, “Enter your work or personal email address” you put in your college e-mail address. (Example: Joe Smith = And then click “Continue” in the lower right.

7. Next enter the Server:

8. Then Domain\Username:\JSmith

9. Then enter in your EMCC password:

10.Then enter the description: Work

11.Then, (and this is important), Click on the “white Check Mark” in the upper right to finish this part.

12.It will then ask you, “Would you like to add another account now?” and you can just click on “skip” in the lower left.

13.Then it is just showing you stuff, like “Focused Inbox” just click “skip” in lower left.

14.And there you Go, your all done and should be good to go. The Icon should be found in your “Apps” if you are looking for it and you can then do as you see best, for where you want to place it for ease of use.

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Campbell, Michael

Apr 28, 2020 02:45 PM

Campbell, Michael

Apr 28, 2020 02:45 PM

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