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How do I logon to the wireless network?
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How do I logon to the wireless network?

Applies to: Any Employee or Student who wants to connect to the WIFI network

On Windows
    1. Click on the wireless icon in your notification area.
    2. Choose EMCC, then click connect.
    3. Wait for your laptop to connect to the wireless network.
    4. You should then see the icon change to look like one of the pictures below.
Screen Shot 05-28-15 at 02.59 PM 001
Screen Shot 05-29-15 at 12.35 PM

5. If you see the icon to the left, you should be all set. If you see the icon to the right, you still need to authenticate to the wireless network. Open up either Internet Explorer or Firefox. (Chrome is NOT recommended for authentication to the EMCC wireless network) You should be presented with the logon screen below. Enter your full student email address and you password then click continue.

6. You should now be authenticated to the wireless network and able to surf the internet.

Addition Resources : - This is Microsoft Support Documention on connecting to a Wireless Network

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Campbell, Michael

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