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Email Setup: Apple(IOS)
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Email Setup on IOS (Apple Devices)


Applies to: Students that need to setup their email on an IOS Device

Introduction: Since Email is the primary form of communication, it is important to be accessible. To achieve this it is recommended it that you configure your email to be available on your mobile device such as your phone. This scenario has you use the Outlook app and this is recommended to get the most features out of your school email.



Step 1

Download Outlook for iOS from the iOS App Store and then open it. The icon looks like this:

Image result for apple outlook icon

Note: See system requirements for your iOS devices here.

Step 2
At this type your student email(for example: on the line and click Add Account
Step 3
When you see this page type the same password you use for MyEMCC click the blue Sign in button
Step 4
At this page click the Maybe later button
Step 5
At this page you can click the skip button or click the arrow buttons in the lower right corner to see the guide on how to use the app
Step 6
Accept any prompts for permission you may receive.Swipe through the features and you’re now ready to use Outlook for iOS!

Conclusion: Whether it is this method or another, please ensure you are checking your email so that you are in communication with your instructors and other departments within the college. If you need further assistance please submit a ticket and the IT department will contact you to provide additional support.

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For Android devices see the support document Entitled “Email Setup on Android"

Additional Support: - This is the Microsoft page providing further information on the email setup on mobile devices. - This is the page for the Outlook mobile app


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